BB wins 2016 Champion of Prevention Award

Drug Free Manatee has named Brad Bryan a 2016 Champion of Prevention, citing his years of producing public service announcements targeting substance abuse prevention in youth.  

Starting in 2011, BB collaborated with KT Curran of SOURCE Productions to create a number of PSAs for Drug Free Manatee around issues such as underage drinking, heroin overdose, reinforcement of drug abstinence, and others.  These videos have been seen hundreds of thousands of times on TV, in theaters, and on the internet, and have won multiple American Advertising Awards (ADDYs).  In all cases, the success of the videos is a result of a collaboration between film creatives, talented young actors, law enforcement/health care professionals, and others dedicated to preventing harm and death from drugs in our community.

Watch some of these videos below!

“Good Samaritan” – 2015  (Preventing overdose deaths)

“#BeDrugFree” – 2016  (Reinforcing the choice NOT to use substances)

“Choices” Series (Underage drinking, prescription drug abuse)

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