The Holding Cell is a narrative short (35 min) film created by SOURCE Productions, with whom BRAD!BRYAN has long collaborated.  It tells the story of one teenage girl’s freefall into the harrowing world of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

drivers license and property control form

Props created by Brad Bryan for the film

Brad Bryan’s Role

Brad Bryan acted in many roles on this low-budget, independent film written/directed by KT Curran with cinematography by Alex Stafford of Alex Stafford Photography with major sponsorship by Brandi’s Wish Foundation.  Brad was producer, art director and propmaster for the film, decorating sets, making fake drugs and drivers licenses for the characters, and creating all the graphics.  During production, he was the on-set sound recordist.  During the post-production phase, he acted as an editing consultant and created marketing materials (including the film’s website and trailer).

The film will play in various film festivals and hold public screenings prior to being released to the general public for use in schools and civic groups.

Film festivals

Shining Light Film Festival (Indianapolis)
Commffest Global Community Film Festival (Toronto)
REEL Recovery Film Festival (Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles)
Boston International Kids Film Fstival

The Holding Cell had its world premiere in January of 2014 as the first Moonlight Movie in the series held each year by the Sarasota Film Festival.

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