“The First Time Club” – #DoItForTheTeenagers

Shooting outside in Florida in July and August … who’s crazy enough to do that?  The stalwart SOURCE Productions collective of Sarasota-based filmmakers, who have teamed up once again to shoot writer/director KT Curran’s first feature film, The First Time Club.  Building on the success of past SOURCE projects Freefall – The Web Series, Boost, The Holding Cell, and When the Party Ends, this new film centers around a group of friends out for adventure whose love for each other is tested by sex, drugs, betrayal, and the difficulties of being a teenager in today’s America.

The film also aims to bring HIV awareness to a new generation.  The disease is not on the radar of many teenagers despite the fact that Florida has one of the highest rates of new HIV infection.  Young people make up a large percentage of those new cases, and many don’t know they’re infected.  Saving lives is the mission of The First Time Club, and that’s why our dedicated cast and crew have braved the heat, humidity, Zika virus, long hours and hordes of Pokemon Go players to #doitfortheteenagers and bring this film to life.

Brad Bryan was on-set sound recordist and set decorator for The First Time Club.  Brad has been a part of SOURCE Productions since the beginning, working on all the major productions, usually in the sound and art departments.

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