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When the Party Ends on the big screen at the Sarasota Film Festival
sff screening
Cast and crew at SFF screening
crew at SFF screening
Waiting to be interviewed on WSRQ radio (L-R Director KT Curran, Star Patrick Jackson, Brad Bryan)
WSRQ selfie
Cast and Crew at the SFF Kickoff Party
WTPE cast and crew at SFF announcement party

When the Party Ends made its world premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 16 with an encore screening on April 18.  The film was featured in the “SRQ Shorts” program, playing alongside seven other shorts made by Sarasota-area filmmakers. Both screenings were sold out with lively Q&As, and When the Party Ends received a strongly positive response from the audiences. When the Party Ends is the exciting new short film by SOURCE Productions directed by KT Curran. Brad Bryan was involved throughout the production process, working as producer, art director, and sound recordist.

The film’s part in the festival was also covered heavily by local press.  Brad Bryan was interviewed with KT Curran by This Week in Sarasota and WSRQ radio.

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